Brewed for adventures by adventures

Though wanderlust has lead us far from home we have brought with us a passion for craft beer, a love of hops, and a dedication to quality. We are an American style brewery that is devoted to sharing its culture of beer with Ecuador and our fellow world travelers.

Founded in 2013 by friends from the Western United States, we brew a variety of beers that are inspired by the craft beer revolution of our homeland. We brew with traditional ingredients –Malt, Hops, Water, and Yeast- but also experiment with amazing and unique ingredients found locally here in Ecuador.

As we brew we learn and grow but our goal has always been to produce a quality artisanal beer that everyone can enjoy, but without sacrificing what makes craft beer craft.

We consider ourselves Pioneers, Adventurers and Alchemists.

We push the limits of Ecuadorian beer culture with a desire to live on the frontier of a new and exciting, craft beer loving, Ecuador. With the Andes as the backdrop our microbrewery is at the front of the revolution.

Drink Local, have a taste of the Americas.